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Tarquin's Seadog Navy Strength Gin 35cl

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The Seadog Navy Gin 35cl

A Navy strength version of Tarquins best-selling Cornish Gin.


A contemporary take on a classic London Dry, this gin is distilled by hand in tiny batches using three unique copper pot stills called Tamara, Senara and Ferrara.


Crafted in Cornwall and inspired by the wild Atlantic Ocean. Alongside ten traditional botanicals, using fragrant handpicked violets and fresh orange zest to create an aromatic experience unlike any other.


This Navy edition is bottled at 57% volume, the strength at which gunpowder would still ignite if it was accidentally soaked in gin during battle. The strength historically drank by the Royal Navy. 


Created by a small, independent, family company every bottle is hand-filled, labelled, waxed and signed by the distiller. This gin has just won best gin in the world!

57% Vol, 35cl

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