What size turkey do I need?

turkey cooked on christmas table

What sized turkey should I buy to feed my family this Christmas?

Yes, it is that time of the year again when you try to work out how many people your turkey will feed. You certainly don't want to run out but you don't want to be eating turkey still when the decorations come down.

Our Christmas Turkey Size Guide will answer all your turkey feeding guide questions.

If you are looking for a mini turkey to feed 2 to 4 people then a turkey breast joint may be the best choice for you. Easy to cook and carve and without all the leftovers afterwards our Mini Breast Joint is just 1-1.5kg in weight. It will feed 3 to 5 people.

For a whole crowd you will want an extra large whole turkey. The largest sized turkeys weigh from 9kg upwards. Our extra large turkeys weigh between 9 and 10kg and will feed 20+ people.

turkey size guide


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