Chicken - Free Range Small 1.5kg

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    Whole Free Range Chicken - Small

    Our free range chickens are slowly reared on a natural diet with access to grassy fields and a cosy coop. This high welfare system results in premium quality chicken where you can really taste the difference.

    Reared on Marsh Farm in North Cornwall Keith's chickens are free to roam outside in pastures during the day with warm coops filled with straw at night. Living on a diet of low-density GM-free, additive-free and antibiotic-free food, this guarantees that the chickens are healthy and chemical-free ready for consumption. This method also allows the chickens a very natural upbringing as they are reared in small groups with plenty of space to forage, dust bath, and enjoy the sun on their backs.

    Weighs approx. 1.5kg

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