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Cornish Free Range Belly Pork Joint - Large 3kg

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    A large belly pork joint, weighing approx. 3kg

    The belly joint is boned and rolled ready for roasting.

    This cut will give you succulent tasty meat, melting fat and superb crackling.

    Pork belly is not, as you may think, the stomach. Rather, it is the flesh that runs on the underside (the belly) of the pig and surrounds the stomach.

    It is one long cut of meat with plenty of fat worked into the meat, which is why it is prized for curing and turning into bacon or pancetta. It can also be cooked fresh and is often seen on menus as "braised pork belly.

    We proudly work with the Lugg Family of Primrose Herd near Redruth to supply you with the very best in Cornish free range and rare breed pork from their out door reared herd, and other small family farms in Cornwall.

    ~ 3kg

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