Whole Cornish Monkfish Tail - Skinless 500g

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Monkfish are a slow moving fish that wait on the seabed for its prey, small fish, which are lured to its huge mouth using a modified dorsal fin-ray as a lure. Two species of monkfish are caught by Cornish fishermen. The white monkfish Lophius piscatorius and the less common, black bellied monkfish Lophius budegassa.

Monkfish tails can be cooked whole or cut into steaks across the bone. The presence of the bone in a monkfish tail will help impart flavour and keep the fish intact as it cooks. 

Monkfish is a very versatile meaty fish that when cooked maintains it shape. It is perfect cooked on the barbeque or in stews and curries. Landings of monkfish around the Cornish coast have been stable over recent years and is a popular choice in restaurants. The whole tail will contain a central bone but makes an excellent center piece when wrapped in parma ham and roasted.

500g Monk Tail - Skinless.

All our fish is landed from boats at Newlyn.

Warning: Will Contain a central bone.

Keep chilled below 5°C.

Once opened eat immediately.

Fish can be frozen upon delivery and should be used within 3 months. Defrost in the fridge thoroughly before cooking

If you are having fish and seafood delivered outside of Cornwall on a Wednesday your delivery will be delayed by one day due to availability.

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