Cornish Gurnard Tail 180g

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    Gurnards are bizarre looking fish with a large bony head and distinctive snow plough shaped profile. For years they were thrown back or used as bait by fishermen but in recent years people have realised that they make great eating and their popularity is on the rise.

    While gurnard is not as strong as fish such as salmon or mackerel, for example, it does have a unique and tangible flavour. Its meaty texture holds a delicate flavour with residual earthy undertones.

    Gurnard has a good flavour, firm-textured flesh, and takes strong flavours and pan-fries or grills well. Perfect wrapped in parma ham and roasted for a mid-week treat. 

    Gurnard is landed in Newlyn all year round. Best between August and May.


    Will contain a central bone.

    Keep chilled below 5°C.

    Once opened eat immediately.

    Fish can be frozen upon delivery and should be used within 3 months. Defrost in the fridge thoroughly before cooking

    If you are having fish and seafood delivered outside of Cornwall on a Wednesday your delivery will be delayed by one day due to availability.

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