Luxury Cornish BBQ Box - Large

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Our Large Luxury Cornish BBQ Box is perfect for any occasion and makes getting together so much easier. This box contains:

1.5 kg Traditional Free Range Pork Sausages (approx 20 sausages)

8 Handmade Cornish grass fed Beef burgers (GF)

8 Free Range Cornish Pork and Apple Burgers

800g Cornish Free Range Meat Pork Ribs

12 x Cornish grass fed Thin Cut Beef Steaks

12 Free-range Cornish Chicken Drumsticks

18 Free-range Cornish Chicken Wings

Handmade Cornish Tomato Ketchup

Handmade Cornish Chilli Jam

Medium Cornish Salad Box - Containing salad, tomatoes, cucumber etc

12 Cornish White Splits

12 Glazed Hot Dog Rolls (Vg)

12 Glazed Burger Buns (Vg)

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