The Essential Monthly Budget Meat Box

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    Stock up your fridge and freezer with our great value meat box.

    All our meat is fresh, free-range, grass-fed and from Cornish farms.

    Don't forget to subscribe and save 5%.

    The box contains:

    • Cornish Beef Mince 2 x 500g Packs
    • Cornish Beef Burgers 2 x 4 Packs
    • Cornish Stewing Beef 2 x 400g packs
    • Cornish Beef Brisket joint ~1.5kg
    • Cornish Chicken Breasts, 2 x 2pk (approx. 1kg)
    • Cornish Chicken Thighs x 2 x 4 Pack
    • Cornish Whole Chicken ~1.8kg
    • Cornish Pork Sausages x 3 packs 400g Each Pack
    • Cornish Unsmoked Bacon 2 packs x ~250g
    • Cornish Pork Shoulder joint ~1.5kg

    Everything is freshly prepared for each order so is suitable for home freezing.


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