Organic Baguettini

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    A freshly baked organic baguettini from Vicky's Bakery in Helston. This is a classic French baguette made with an all-white flour to give a crunchy crust and open-textured crumb inside.


    Ingredients: organic white FLOUR, water, sourdough culture made with organic white FLOUR, sea salt, yeast.

    No added fat or sugar.


    May contain traces of seeds and nuts CONTAINS WHEAT FLOUR



    *Please note that this is an artisan loaf of bread. When it arrives with you it will have a best before of the same day.

    *This is due to a rule by EHO to say this bread has a one/two day date on it because it has been wrapped but has no preservatives or other nasties in it.

    *Every product you purchase from us is completely fresh, and if stored appropriately will last at least 3-4 days. 

    *If the bread is being delivered locally via Cornish Food Box it comes out of a refridgerated van so the bread does need a bit of time to warm up. Best thing is to sprinkle with a little bit of water and pop in a warm oven.

    *Baguettes being delivered via courier (outside of Mid and West Cornwall) can get a bit bent when being packed in boxes for delivery.

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