Cornish King Crab Meat - 250g

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Spider crabs are large, spiky crustaceans that are common around Cornwall’s coast. They are now known as Cornish King Crab.

They grow up to 80cm in claw span. The claws are full of delicious moist, white meat that is a prized delicacy in Spain and France but not as popular in the UK considering it is delicious.

Handpicked from the ‘Cornish King Crab’, this slightly sweet, moist and subtle white spider meat is a great alternative to the normal white crab meat.

No artificial additives or preservatives; just a little natural rock salt is added in cooking. All handpicked and pasteurised to give a 28-day refrigerator shelf life. Once opened, the product must be consumed within two days; but we don’t think you will take that long! 

Contains Spider Crab Crustacean.

All effort has been made to remove shell however some may remain.


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