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Whole Cornish Lobster

Cornish lobster is recognised as the finest flavoured lobster in the world! That sounds like a bold statement but we firmly believe our lobsters are the sweetest and richest available. Our lobsters are sustainable caught in the clear waters off the Cornish coast using traditional pot methods. Cornish Lobsters are recommended by the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide,

The have a beautifully delicate, subtle-sweet flavour which is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.  Our lobsters arrive pre-cooked and ready to eat.


All you need to do is split the lobster, crack the claws and remove the meat from them. The meat from the tail is easily removed too. Cut all the meat into bite sized chunks and put it all back in the shell. Add a squeeze of lemon juice, some chunks of butter and season generously with pepper. Finally warm this under the grill until the butter has melted. Serve immediately with a salad, some crusty bread and a large glass of Sauvignon blanc - heavenly!

Approximately 1kg in weight before being cooked - approx 500-800g after cooking.

Each lobster is freshly cooked for your order. Please keep refrigerated and eat within 24 hours.

Suitable for home freezing.

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