Cornish Monkfish Fillets 300g

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Monkfish is known for its tight, meaty white flesh that is often compared to lobster meat. It's not only similar to lobster in texture, but also in flavour.

Monkfish is a very versatile meaty fish that when cooked maintains it shape. It is perfect cooked on the barbeque or in stews and curries.

Landings of monkfish around the Cornish coast have been stable over recent years and is a popular choice in restaurants.  The fillets are perfect to pop in to a curry for a mid-week treat.

It has a mild, sweet flavour without a trace of fishiness. Two species of monkfish are caught by Cornish fishermen. The white monkfish Lophius piscatorius and the less common, black bellied monkfish Lophius budegassa. Monkfish are a long-lived species with the maximum reported age being 24 years.

Available all year.

Approx 300g Fillets

Warning: May Contain Bones

Keep chilled below 5°C.

Once opened eat immediately.

Fish can be frozen upon delivery and should be used within 3 months. Defrost in the fridge thoroughly before cooking


Overall stocks of monkfish are healthy with stable landings  and healthy stocks of both species.

Monkfish has a sustainability rating of 2 to 3 depending of catch method.

For more information visit Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

Monkfish is a very versatile fish with a firm and meaty texture that works well with other strong flavours such as curry and salty pork.

Our Monkfish Recipes blog has a whole host of tasty ideas for you to try out from Monkfish Kebabs, Monkfish & Chorizo Skewers, Monkfish Curry, and Whole Roasted Monkfish Tail.

Monkfish is rich in nutrients like protein, phosphorus, vitamins B6 and B12, and selenium.

Kcal: 76 per 100g
Protein: 14g per 100g
Carbohydrates: 0g per 100g
Sugars: 0g per 100g
Fat: 2.0g per 100g
Saturates: 2.0g per 100g
Salt: 45mg per 100g

Despite being one of the more ugly looking fish in the sea the monkfish is beloved by chefs for its meaty white flesh that is highly versatile. It's firm and meaty flesh means it is great in fish curry or alongside pork cuts such as bacon, ribs and black pudding whose saltiness really complements the natural flavour of the fish.

Monkfish are predatory fish whose strategy is to lie in wait on the seabed wiggling their worm-like lure to attract smaller fish. With its incredibly wide toothy mouth it can engulf its prey easily in a sngle gulp.
There are two species of monkfish landed to Cornish ports and they look very similar externally but when gutted the black bellied monkfish has a black lining to the body cavity, which the white monkfish Lophius piscatorius lacks.

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