Cornish Cod Skin On Fillets 2 x 150g

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Our Cornish Cod is caught by small boats using handline, gill net and trawl nets and is landed at harbours along the Cornish coast.

Freshly prepared for each order by our fishmongers, our cod is sold filleted with the skin left on.

Each pack contains 2 x 150g Skin On Cod Fillets

There are many amazing recipes using this fantastic fish. Please visit our Recipe Blog for cod recipes and more.

Cod is in the same family as several other white fish such as whiting, haddock, pollack, pouting, and ling and therefore share a mild flavour with a dense, flaky white flesh and is very popular.

Contains 2 x 150g Fillets


Warning: May Contain Bones

Keep chilled below 5°C.

Once opened eat immediately.

Fish can be frozen upon delivery and should be used within 3 months. Defrost in the fridge thoroughly before cooking


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