Our Farmers & Producers

 At the Cornish Food Box Company we are proud to work with over 200 local farmers and food producers to bring the best food from Cornwall to your kitchen. The producers we work with have been carefuly selected based on the quality and sustainability of their produce. Many of our producers have been suppliers since we first started and they are integral to our business. 

Back in 2010 we were pioneers in geographical sourcing of produce - in fact we one of the very first businesses in the UK to only sell food from a particular region, in our case Cornwall. We stuck to solely selling Cornish produced food & drink for the first 5 years of the business. A combination between a very difficult 'hungry gap' due to very wet weather which meant that there were almost no vegetables available for our boxes, combined with the realisation that customers do want a more complete shop meant we took the decision to add carefully sourced fruit and veg from outside of Cornwall to our offering.  

Today, the vast majority of what we sell is always 100% Cornish produced. All our meat, fish and dairy is Cornish and free-range (apart from some organic milk from Riverford) but we also have some organic veg & fruit from outside of Cornwall to add variety and so you can do a more complete fresh food shop plus get a break from cabbage & root veg in your veg box. 


Free Range Meat

All our meat is free range from Cornish farms and butchers we know and work closely with. The welfare standards of animals being raised for their meat or products is incredibly important to us and we always personally visit the farms raising animals for the produce we sell. Our high welfare pork come from Primrose Herd, grass fed beef & lamb from Kittows Butchers, and free range poultry from Keith Wickett. 

We think you can really taste the difference, and you can feel good knowing that your meat is from animals raised properly. It is better for you, for the environment, and for animal welfare.

Fish & Seafood

Our fish and seafood is sourced from Matthew Stevens of St Ives. The fresh fish is mainly landed at Newlyn and prepared by skiled fishmongers for each order in St Ives.  We carefully consider the sustainability ratings of each species before listing it. Our smoked fish is sourced by Matthew Stevens from within the UK from high quality traditional producers. 

Fruit & Vegetables

Our fruit & veg is Cornish whenever it can be, and brought in from organic wholesalers when it isn't available locally. We take decisions on what we sell very serious. We work with producers of all sizes from the largest growers for traditionally grown field veg such as cauliflowers and potatoes through to tiny organic market gardens supplying salad leaves and specialist crops.

Our Seasonal Cornish Veg Boxes are the most local of our veg box offerings. If it can be Cornish it is, and apart from the odd item added for variety through the winter and hungry gap the vast majority of the vegetables in the box will have been grown on a Cornish farm or market garden.

Our Naturally Grown Veg Boxes are the right boxes for you if you are looking for organic vegetables. Cornish where they can be but inevitably they contain organic vegetables brought in from elsewhere in the UK and at times further afield. We use organic wholesalers we trust, such as Riverford, to supply vegetables produced from outside of Cornwall. 

Dairy & Cheese

We sell a wide range of Cornish milk, butter, cheese and other dairy products plus non-dairy alternatives. 

From Cornish unhomogenised milk in glass bottles from small dairies milking their own herds, to standard milk in poly bottles from larger Cornish dairies Trewithen and Roddas, we have a great range of milks available for delivery to your door.

Our range of Cornish cheeses is extensive with something for everyone from the around 60 cheeses being produced in the County. Most of the cheeses are made by small artisan cheesemakers and are outstanding award winning products. In fact two of Cornwall's cheeses have won the World Champion Cheese which is a global award for cheese and recognition of superb quality and taste.

We also have small quantities of organic milk available - please contact us for availability.

In addition you can purchase from us a range of non-dairy options including oat, almond, soya, and coconut milks. We have carefully selected which brands we have choosen to stock to ensure they of the highest sustainability standards.

Bakery & Store Cupboard

From slow rise sourdough to your standard sliced loaf we have a wide range of bakery items available from our Cornish bakers including organic and gluten free options.  Alongside your daily loaf we sell scones, cakes, pasties and pies.  Our bread and other baked goodies comes from Vicky's Bread of Helston, Baker Tom's based in Pool, Prima at Scorrier, Ann's Pasties, Martins Bakery from St Austell, Penny's Hand Raised Pies, Made Marion Gluten Free Bakery and many more. 


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